Photo Restoration

Old photos fade away every day. This is due to the chemical process used in the creation of the image. Every photograph ever made will someday fade away into nothing. Soon all that will be left is the memory of the image.

If you have an old photograph that you would like to have restored, I would be happy to look at your image and give you a restoration quote. Restorations start at $25 dollars & are based on computer hours.

Your price includes the scanning of your image as well as the restoration. You will receive one print and a CD with a digital file that you may take to your favorite location for reprints. You will receive your original image back with no damage. I can also scan photos and place them on digital media with no restoration.

I have over 30 years experience in all areas of photography, so you can trust I will care for your original image.

Restored photographs make great holiday gifts. Act now before your memories fade away.

Have a look at the following before and after samples.