New Retro Toys

Schylling Toys

Schylling Toys have been creating specialized and classic toys for over 40 years. Here at Five Kaz Antiques, we now have the ability to tap into this resource and bring to our market several lines of classic and retro toys to our customers.

Our product lines currently include the Original Lava Lamp, Fisher Price classic reissues and Sock Monkey. Other new retro toys in inventory include Wire Puzzles, How to Make Balloon Animal kits, Balloon Powered Boats & cars, Decide-O-Matic, collectible tin wind up robots, Paddle Ball, Original Rubber Duckie, & Lite Brite. New arrivals feature Penny the pig bank, Bubble wands, Double Bubble gumball bank, Pin Prints, Space Shot game and Tonka trucks.

Archie McPhee

We are now weirder than ever! Five Katz Antiques is now a local source of all sorts of weird from Archie McPhee! Rubber chickens, squawking pigeons, devil duckies and more are beginning to arrive at our store. If you are into kitsch, stop by and check out the new products at Five Katz Antiques today.