Home Security

In the past I have written about staying safe while selling items online. For this column I will be talking about home security. Wait, what? Home security? How does this apply to an article about antiques? Well, I will tell you. Folks who collect antiques and other items spend large amounts of money to purchase […]

Antiques and their stories.

I have written several times in this column about why I like antiques. The longevity of items, the craftsmanship, the beauty of them, the stability. The stories they tell. I am reminded every day that there are large groups of people who don’t like antiques. I hear things like “Who wants that old stuff?” “It’s […]

eBay – Easy as one, two, thr…um, wait a minute….

As the owner of an antique store, people often bring me items that they think I would like to purchase for my inventory. I quote the best price I can, based on condition, desirability, what I think I can sell it for, and also my experience. Many times, people will tell me they can sell […]

Five Katz Antiques is your newest Case Knives retailer

I am proud to announce that Five Katz Antiques has been selected by Case Knives to be their newest retailer on the Space Coast. If you are not familiar with them, W.R. Case & Sons cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of traditional pocket knives, fixed blades/sporting knives, kitchen knives, limited edition commemoratives and collectibles. […]

Choosy mothers choose Jif©

Choosy moms choose Jif© – Remember that commercial? The basic takeaway was that if you didn’t buy your kids Jif Peanut Butter, you were a lousy mom who cared not for their kids. I am sort of like the “Choosy mom” in that I am picky and care about what I put into my antique […]

We had “The Right Stuff” for the show.

I am always amazed at the wonderful things that have happened in my life since moving to the Space Coast in 2006. I have been honored with the task of running and working with several different non-profits, I’ve had photos and columns published in several different magazines and newspapers, I have come to own a […]

Grading antiques and collectibles – How much is this worth?

What makes something valuable?   What makes an item valuable is a difficult question to answer simply as there are many things that factor into what makes one item more valuable than another. Let’s see if we can make some sense out of this. Scarcity – Simply put, how many did they produce and how […]

When it’s time to let go. How to part with a collection.

People collect all manner of items. From the small to large, from the inane to the sublime, people’s passions for things run deep. I have run into people who collect playing cards, zippo lighters, Pez dispensers, fire fighting gear, thimbles, Beany Babies, snowmen, comic books, advertising, magazines, salt & pepper shakers, tractors, porcelain signs, cars […]

Antique malls are not in the business of antiques…

Antique malls are not in the business of antiques. Okay, let that sink in. Wait, what are you saying? What I said was antique malls are not in the antiques business. How can you say that Ed? I go to one all the time and it is jammed with antiques. Yes, but let me explain. […]

Collect something? There’s a club for that!

There are a myriad of things to collect. If someone made more than one of an item, you can bet there is a collection of them somewhere. I myself have about 5 different collections going at any one time, much to the chagrin of my family members. My children are especially hopeful that I dispose […]