Being famous doesn’t make you smart – an editorial of sorts…

Everyone thinks that celebrities are really intelligent people. Maybe some are. However the way I see them, they are not any smarter than you or me.

Most celebrities are/were normal people who were in the right place at the right time to be discovered. Marilyn Monroe was a pretty normal farm girl until someone saw her and said, “Hey I bet we can make her a star and make a ton of cash.” Bang, next thing you know she’s in a couple of movies and then singing happy birthday to Kennedy. That ended well huh?

Think about it. Celebrities have agents who handle their careers. They tell them what roles to take and what to pass on. They seek out and get them acting jobs be it movies, television shows or commercials.

They have publicists who handle all outgoing messages. They craft their image in the best possible light and some probably even write most of what these people say in public forums.

They have fitness trainers who handle their body image, they have diet coaches who tell them what to eat or not eat. Actors have acting coaches to prepare for roles, and I am sure some have speech therapists or coaches to teach them how to say things.

They have wardrobe consultants, hair stylists, make-up consultants. They hire accountants to manage their enormous sums of money from their over paid roles. They have tax consultants, and investing counselors to tell them what stocks to buy.

They have nannies for child care, chauffeurs or drivers to take them places, cooks to make their meals, maids to clean their houses. They don’t go to the local grocery store, or pick up their own dry cleaning, or wait at the garage while their tires get rotated and their oil gets changed.

They don’t eat at the local restaurant or visit the neighborhood blue collar dive bar or hang out at the corner donut shop and interact with us regular folks to hear what we are saying and what we think. They live in high property value areas in giant mansions (self-segregating with others who are in their same wealth class) with walls, guards, alarms and cameras watching over their domains.

Action movie stars make fortunes in movies that glorify violence with guns and other weapons, then decry firearms and say that people shouldn’t be allowed to own them all the while they are surrounded by body guards who are themselves armed to the teeth. Does that make sense? I didn’t think so either.

If they are so smart, why all of a sudden to you see an old actor or sports hero you haven’t seen in decades suddenly doing commercials about Medicaid or oxygen therapy? Because they ran out of money paying all these people or living a lavish lifestyle and now they are broke and have to work for a living like the rest of us.

So after all this, why is it when a celebrity comes out in public and comments on something that just made the news, that everyone fawns over what they said and treats is as if it came from the mountain on high?

I don’t understand this and I haven’t for a long time. Why is a statement by one of these people worth more than something you or I said just because they are famous and have a ton of followers.

Did they actually write it? Did they fact check it? Are they certain they are actually helping the issue or helping people understand the issue or do they just feel like they have to put their two cents in because they have a movie coming out and their agent said they needed some press in advance of its release.

Everyone processes things through their own filter and celebrities don’t see things like we do because they live in a protected world managed by many other people who are guarding their own livelihoods. They see things the way their other famous and famously rich friends do, and the way their rich politician friends want them to.

So the next time you hear a celebrity on the airwaves or internet spouting off about something or other, remember, they aren’t any smarter than we are and take it with a grain of salt.  Form your own opinion.